bellezzarubata (bellezzarubata) wrote in edwardburns,

[30 Jun 2003|10:51pm]
Hi. New.

I've always had an exponentially longer list of celebrity women I've considered attractive than celebrity men. Edward Burns is one of the rare long-time loves. Along with the likes of Alec Baldwin, Peter Steele and Travis Barker. But Burns definitely takes the cake. And he is the sole reason I've come to loathe Christy Turlington.

I saw him on Conan O'Brien years ago. He was promoting a movie of his and I thought to myself That man is beyond hot, I HAVE to see his movie!!! And the rest is history! : )

Fav Burns movie: Sidewalks
Character: "Pete the cinematographer" in Life or Something Like It, only because I desperately want him after seeing it. Too many gratuitous dirty/romantic scenes..

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